Welcome to How to Succeed in Design


We at WhiteLite Incorporated, producers of How To Succeed in Design, believe that each and every professional in the design and architectural field deserves to succeed to new heights and share a far greater piece of the multi-billion dollar pie of our industry. We created a Mission & Vision to lead, support and assure your success and fulfillment in ‘how you do business,’ what SUCCESS you ACHIEVE, and most importantly, “what difference you will make” in our industry and in the lives of others. We exist “Souly” for the purpose of teaching professionals how to achieve Success by providing easy to understand, step-by-step business systems and structures never shared before. Each are easy to implement and follow as they transform what you know “As Possible.”

What would be possible for you and your firm if you could design 100 times more, in one tenth the time, at a far greater profit, and still provide everything and more to your clients, having them come back to you over and over again? What would it be like to enjoy every step of the process, and at the same time become a true leader in our industry, guiding the future of what we do, how we do it, and what we contribute to others?

My name is Thomas C. Burger, founder of Zen Interiors, Inc and Whitelite, LLC, creator of How to Succeed in Design. I will personally guide you every step of the way and answer every question you may have in regards to structuring a Successful Business from the ground up in Operation By Design, to streamlining your ‘production systems’ through Production By Design, thereby exponentially maximizing your Design Firm’s efficiency yielding immediate and dramatic results, and unveiling a Marketing plan in Marketing By Design, that is easy to follow, easy to implement and will Quantum leap your Firm’s Fame, Fortune and Contribution to others. I will share with you every secret I have used in each of these areas that has secured my success as one of the top designers in the world and endeared me to my clients. I hold nothing back so that you can and will achieve all that I have and more. I have chosen to dedicate the remainder of my career to assist you in reaching your goals and succeeding in design far beyond what you think is possible.

My simple yet highly sophisticated systems will re-balance your business, your life and what you can do for others. You will succeed where others fail in such a way that YOU will soon wish to help others Succeed. Imagine what is possible when we work together as One goal-One dream-One future!

I ask you this: Are you ready for the journey?